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FX Licenser of the trading tools for MetaTrader 4/5®

How to protect your expert advisor, indicator, or another tool for MT4®/MT5® from copyright infringement:

Re-selling your product or exhibiting it on the other Forex websites without your permission;

Sharing the tools on free resources;

Renaming and recycling the tool under an assumed name and description;

Intervening in your IP and all of the products associated with it.

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FX Licenser is a revolutionary and effective protection of tools developed for MetaTrader®. You can have peace of mind in the problem of piracy, illegal use of your products, and locking an expert advisor or another tool.

FX Licenser cost:

$ 149

What about benefits?

Ease of using

Ease of using

The simple FX Licenser interface saves you the embarrassment. Put a strategy in the «Mql» folder, click on the «Account Protection», input the Account ID. It is easier than making cookies!



You do not need to have coding or programming skills to create the license for your tool. You should have simple computer skills only and the ability to set up a program. It looks quite simple, doesn't it?



We care about your needs for protection of expert advisors, indicators, scripts, and other Forex tools. So, if you have a problem with FX Licenser, our professional on-going support will help you to meet the challenges. Also, timely updates will make our product more modified and user-friendly. We are the gatekeepers of your strategies!

Faster than making a cup of coffee – the creation of the protected file takes about 3 minutes!

All the things you can do with FX Licenser:

protect your tools with the MetaTrader® account ID;

lock your tools with a key number;

create the unlimited number of demo or trial versions of your product;

provide full version of the tool and the source code security;

generate an endless number of tools with protection.

When purchasing FX Licenser, we will provide you with:

1. The detailed instruction «How to Use»;

2. The technical support in case of any issues.

Your tools are your wealth. FX Licenser is your guardian angel in the trading tools!