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Lot Calculator EA for MetaTrader 4®

Lot Calculator EA

Lot Calculator EA for MT4® is a tool that will turn your work with the orders into a simple, understandable, and comfortable process.

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Works on MetaTrader 4®

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The idea behind the Expert Advisor

The EA focuses on collecting tool functions for working with orders. Moreover, it submits them in a convenient and informative way. It will help you to save an enormous amount of time in the trading process and raise your skills to a higher level!

The head tool function is a lot calculation due to a specified risk size (USD/Lot/% of balance). Also, it provides detailed information about the future lot.

The EA adds three horizontal lines to the chart. Their values can be changed both through the main Lot Calculator window and by moving them on the chart:

The tool can be used on any timeframe of any currency pair.

The expert advisor’s interface consists of two windows:

Let us consider the tool interface and its capacities in more detail!

The Lot Calculator main window

The Lot Calculator main window

The Lot Calculator main window

There are three buttons at the top of the Lot Calculator main window:

The main window of the tool is divided into three blocks. Each one has its thematic set of elements for analyzing and calculating a future order. Let us examine each of them:

1. Order parameters

The order parameters block

The order parameters block

This block contains the Use pending order checkbox, that allows switching between instant and pending market orders. Also, it has three input fields, such as:

2. Lot parameters

The block sets risks that determine the actual lot size.

Lot parameters block

Lot parameters block

3. Risk info

A block collects useful information about a future order in a tabular form. It is calculated due to the previously specified parameters in the instrument's first two blocks.

Risk info block

Risk info block

Let us take a closer look at each row of the table:

Open Orders window

As we have clarified earlier, the Open Orders window can be opened by clicking on the Order List button in the main window.

This window provides convenient access to all open orders. Its flexible functionality allows it closing filtered orders if necessary.

Open Orders window

Open Orders window

Open Orders window (horizontal scrolling)

Open Orders window (horizontal scrolling)

The Open Orders window is divided into two main sections:

Let us consider them in more detail.

The first section has two buttons:

Elements for filtering closed orders:

Table columns and their meaning:

Input parameters

There is only one option in the incoming parameters – Magic Number that separates orders placed by this EA from orders placed by other EAs. This value also acts as an additional filter when you delete orders in the Open Orders window if the Close only EA orders parameter is enabled.

Expert Advisor parameters window

Expert Advisor parameters window

You can see an example of an order created using the Lot Calculator below.

Creating an order using an expert

Creating an order using an expert

Opening the table of orders after creating an order

Opening the table of orders after creating an order

Technical Requirements

Here is what you need to run this EA:

  • A computer capable of running MetaTrader 4® desktop version;

  • MetaTrader 4® installed on your desktop or laptop computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is your refund policy? All sales are final since downloadable products cannot be returned. Please be sure that you are using MetaTrader 4® before buying. If you're having issues with your EA, please contact 4xDev Support, and we will be happy to help you.

  • Will it work with my broker? This EA will work with any broker that uses the MetaTrader 4® platform.

  • Should I use a demo account? It is highly recommended that you use this indicator in a demo account before you trade live. Then you will get a feel for how it works.

  • Can this EA be used on more than one computer? Yes, you are allowed to use the EA on any computer you own.

  • Does this EA track all timeframes and currency pairs? No, it will only track currency pairs and chart timeframes on charts that are open and on which the EA is attached and correctly configured.

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