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RSI+MA TradingView Indicator

ADR custom indicator

RSI+MA TradingView indicator is an indicator that makes a trading process easy and relaxing.

You are on cloud nine with trading processes. Would you like to try it?

Get an up-to-date trading tool for TradingView. It allows you to trade on real-time price action signals. Find the potential high-quality selling and buying zone to make a profit with this tool.

Works on TradingView

This indicator combines the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Moving Average (MA).

The idea behind the indicator

The indicator creating aims at facilitating the trading process using both indicators.

The single combinative indicator decreases visual stress and increases useability. That is a better solution than using two separate indicators on one chart.

Indicator parameters meanings

Indicator incoming parameters are the standard parameters combination of both indicators. An exception is the separate MA indicator display switching off.

Default input parameters

Default input parameters


Default style settings

Default style settings


Indicator on various charts

Default style settings

RSI+MA indicator on the M30 chart with default parameters

Default style settings

RSI+MA indicator on the D1 chart with default parameters

Default style settings

RSI+MA indicator on the H4 chart with custom parameters

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Technical Requirements

Here is what you need to run this indicator:

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