Partnership with 4xDev - it's simple!

A successful partnership program must be a win/win for both the company and its partners. We have an interesting deal that meets this condition. For you, our partnership program is a good way to grow your profits. For us, it’s an opportunity to enhance our brand and extend our customer base.
At 4xDev, we are absolutely sure - the simpler the partner program is, the better. That's why we can describe the whole process in a few steps:
After you register in our partner program, we supply you with a partner link.
You provide your customers with this link, so they are redirected to our website and become marked as the clients who came to us thanks to you.
If your customer makes an order, we evaluate its difficulty and price. When a tool for your customer is ready and we get paid for it *, you will see it in your partner account - the tool itself and its product number.
You receive a full statement with all prices and your commissions at the end of the month (or upon request).

*To get more info about the time needed to create a Forex tool, visit this page:

Where to share your partner link?

We give you carte blanche to decide where to promote the product. It’s absolutely up to you. You can use any marketing instrument:
  • Information block / article / page on your website
  • Posts on any social network, forum, community of traders
  • Newsletters to your client base
  • Videos on a YouTube channel
  • Any other reliable source that seems effective to you

How much can I make?

You will get commissions from each tool we make for your clients. The commission value is always stable and amounts to 25%.
The average price of an Indicator:
Your commission:
The average price of an Indicator:
Your commission:

Please note: the cost of an indicator or Expert Advisor is always different and depends on its complexity. The more unique are the elements required for the development of a tool, the higher the cost is. Consequently, the sum of your 25% commission can vary each time.

Disclaimer: the calculations mentioned above are approximate and serve as an example. Remember that we don’t take into account the bank fees.

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