programming service

Hire a cTrader programmer
Get your own cTrader EAs and indicators, or improve the existing ones with the help of a cTrader programmer.
As for us, cTrader is one of the most progressive trading platforms for traders to date. The community is positioning itself as a «traders by traders» platform. Full and swift access to the markets, tools, and functions are diverse, and the possibility to fast and convenient work with the orders. The 4xDev cAlgo developers' professional team can create custom automated indicators, robots, or strategies for you and your trading rules.

The key to success for every trader is the ability to work on different platforms. Besides custom programming, our cAlgo developers do the conversion:

  1. Conversion tool into another tool;
  2. Conversion tool into another format.

Our 4xDev software development team converts an Indicator into an EA and vice versa. Convert between cTrader, Forex Tester, NinjaTrader, MetaTrader® 4, and 5, TradingView

Improvement and Optimization
We try to consider all your thoughts and terms that you want to use in the market analysis. However, even the best custom automated trading strategies need improving. Our qualified cTrader programmers can help you with updating different custom indicators, EAs, alerts, scripts, bots or other tools at your discretion.
The best quality of the tools is a key to future success in your trading.
Choose the best option for your skills, money, knowledge and trades! And we will help you with the other.
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