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Over the years, Forex Tester has recommended itself as a professional Forex trading simulator. If you are interested in backtesting, it is just what you are looking for. The main value of Forex Tester is that you can test trading strategies on historical data, like on the real broker accounts, but with no risks for your wallet. And all that extremely fast. As for the program interface, it looks a lot like popular trading platforms, which greatly simplifies the process of learning Forex.

What you can do with Forex Tester

Test and refine manual and automatic strategies

Test any number of charts and timeframes at once

Make use of various trading instruments

Maximize the speed of testing

Use historical data from real brokers

Go back and forward in time

Simulate all necessary market conditions

Use indicators, EAs and graphical tools

Practice trading without risking real money

Check your trading statistics

Who is it good for?

Forex Tester will be of great help for both novice and experienced traders. Being a trading simulator, it allows users to learn Forex trading from scratch as well as sharpen trading skills and optimize the strategies’ performance.

Make the most of the program

As you know, backtesting cannot exist without historical data. When you purchase Forex Tester, you already have 18 years of the built-in historical data for the 16 most traded currency pairs, gold and silver. But this is not the maximum! If you are eager to explore other markets in addition to Forex, you can get a paid subscription that includes more than 800 different symbols.

Find your perfect trading strategy!

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