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Trading Tools

Besides the custom tool's development for clients, we provide our FX tools for traders. The professional programmer's team collected the best ideas that were used in Forex development.

What types of tools can we propose to you?

  • Indicators

    The technical indicator uses historical price movements to forecast the future price direction using his set or sets of mathematical calculations. It gives the signals along with the power of the trend and its direction. Also, it facilitates the market analysis process and helps with future profit or risky losses. We sell our Forex indicators for convenient trades and the professional trading work procedure.

  • Expert Advisors

    Experts Advisors is a type of Forex tool that performs many actions which traders can program without direct intervention. They are called expert advisors if they can automatically (or manually) send applications to brokers and don't have to do anything. So, the advisor starts working after connecting to the broker's server and regulating the settings: this tool trades according to your strategy. Our team proposes premium expert advisors made by Forex programmers.

  • Alerts

    Alerts notify the trader if they have a possible option with the time's advantage to enter or exit the trade on a currency pair. Also, they alert for different options such as rising trends, relative strength index, upward or downward trend, the time of profitable position, etc. You can sign up for alerts via mobile applications, Email, screen notifications, or another terminal that you choose.

  • Scripts

    Scripts perform any actions that are programmed into the tool. Unlike other trading tools that can work uninterruptedly, the script's procedure ends when the action is done. So, it does functions that don't need to be repeated.

  • Robots

    It is a program that allows trade when it determines the best options for currency pairs. They have an automatic working procedure and facilitate the trading procedure for traders. Monitoring the announcements, forecasts, news, and markets, they are determining the best position to enter/exit the market and maximize trader's investment returns.

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