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The Best Banners for You to Profit from the 4xDev Affiliate Program

As a 4xDev affiliate, you can always count on our help regarding affiliate marketing as our main goal is to achieve the most fruitful cooperation with each of you.

On this page, we share the pre-designed 4xDev banners that you can use on your website, social media page, or any other platform you want for advertising purposes. All you need is to select which banner size suits you the most.

You will also find here some ideas of where to place these banners to increase user engagement rate. Let’s move on!

Choose from the most effective banner sizes

It’s not a secret that there are some standardized banner sizes that work across all advertising networks. You can find the ready-made 4xDev banners in the 15 most important formats below, together with the information on how common they are, and plan your campaign wisely!

Choose your banner


Name:Medium Rectangle

Global Frequency:40%

As you can see, there are 4 banner sizes that prevail in the digital advertising world. Consider using them to get more impressions from your audience:

300×250 Medium Rectangle (40%)

728×90 Leaderboard (25%)

320×50 Mobile Leaderboard (12%)

160×600 Wide Skyscraper (12%)

Or use an original banner size, it’s up to you! Get in contact with us to discuss such an opportunity.

Where to place the banner for a greater result?

It is important to choose the right places for the banners you want to use on your website since different locations give different results. Here are some interesting facts you need to consider when searching for an appropriate banner place:

Online users pay less attention to content on the far right side of the website, sometimes completely unconsciously.

The eye-tracking tests showed that above the fold ads placed on the left-hand side performed the second best. The ads near the top were the first best.

It is also a good practice to look at your website and consider how first-time users might experience it. Place your ads near the content your users are interested in, and make sure they can easily find what they are looking for.

Remember that placing lots of ads on your page can make it look cluttered so make sure it is easy for users to distinguish between your content and your ads.

Avoid placing ads in locations where they might be confused with menu, navigation, or download links.

As a 4xDev affiliate, you can use just our banner to promote the product (with your special affiliate link inserted to it) or even create a special page on your own website with a detailed 4xDev description and place your affiliate link there.

Keep in mind that every user who visits our website with your affiliate link (or through the banner click on your site) will be marked by our affiliate system. In case this user purchases a 4xDev tool/service within the next 180 days, you will get a 25% commission on your account.

Make use of the email campaigns

Do you have your own user email base? Great, as it is one more option of where you can use your affiliate link! Just make use of the so-called email promotion: tell your subscribers about the 4xDev company and the services it provides, and insert your affiliate link in the text and/or graphics where it’s appropriate.

Such email campaigns may have a good result if made correctly:

Send emails only to those people who are potentially interested in the topic.

Make sure that the text itself is not very long – just point out the most important moments.

Do not overuse email newsletters (we are against spam!)

Write to us!

Feel free to contact us on issues regarding cooperation, banners, email campaigns or any other question you have! If you need additional information, e.g., different banner size or advice for your web project optimization, we will be happy to assist. Send your letters to info@4xdev.com and indicate the subject field as "Affiliate inquiry".

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