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Simple MA System for MT4®

Simple MA System EA

The Expert Advisor provides automated trading using Moving Averages (hereinafter – MA). The EA can track the crossing of two MAs or react to the price crossing of one of the MAs. Just open the position and enter the necessary parameters to see the simple world of automatic processes!

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Works on MetaTrader 4®

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Get the automated EA for simplifying the trading processes and saving your time!

The idea behind the Expert Advisor

The Expert Advisor checks the formed bars to cross two MAs, therefore avoiding false signals. The EA checks the current bar and current prices for crossing one of the MAs and the price.

The EA enters a long position if the short-term MA crosses the long-term one upwards. If there is a downward crossover, the EA will enter a short position.

It is also possible to change the conditions for opening Buy and Sell orders using the input parameters.

The tool capabilities

The EA has all the necessary functionality to manage positions. In addition to the usual StopLoss and TakeProfit, you can choose whether you need to close a position by a counter signal or have several positions of the same type.

Also, the advisor will allow you to calculate all the risks for the entire position. You will choose the lot calculation based on a fixed amount (or a percentage of the balance/equity) that you are not afraid to lose.

The input parameters

The EA parameters are divided into specific categories.

Input parameters

Input parameters

The main parameters

Short-term MA Parameters and Long-term MA Parameters

Trade Parameters

Lot Size Parameters

Breakeven Parameters

The example of the work

The example of the work

Technical Requirements

Here is what you need to run this EA:

  • A computer capable of running MetaTrader 4® desktop version;

  • MetaTrader 4® installed on your desktop or laptop computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

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