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MT5® Candle Range Custom Indicator

Candle Range Custom Indicator

Identify the candlestick size by pointing your mouse. Drag your cursor over a candlestick and get the following information:

  • The total candlestick range (in pips);
  • The body range (in pips);
  • Both options at the same time.

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Works on MetaTrader 5®

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Download Demo Demo-version works on Strategy Tester only

The idea behind the indicator

Place the cursor on a candlestick and get the following information:

This indicator allows you to:

So, you can have a small font in the upper left corner…

Small font in the upper left corner

Small font in the upper left corner

…or a big font in the lower right corner.

Big font in the lower right corner

Big font in the lower right corner

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Why Are Our Indicators Better Than Other Candlestick Range Indicators?

Most of the other candlestick range indicators that you can find on the Internet show the range of every single candlestick in a graph located on the bottom of the chart. In live trading, this option is completely unnecessary. Moreover, the information takes up valuable space on your screen. Below you can see how much space one of those indicators takes.

Other Candle Range Indicators

Other Candle Range Indicators

Our indicator takes up very little chart space, and you can move it whether you like.

You will see the hovered-over candlestick or body range only.

The useful information only, the hardcore only!

The conciseness of the indicator information

The conciseness of the indicator information

Indicator parameters meanings

Candle Range Inputs

Input parameters

Here is how the settings for our indicator work:

Technical Requirements

There are some technical requirements that you need for loading and correct work of the indicator:

  • A computer that has all the necessary conditions for the MetaTrader 5® installing;

  • The desktop version of MetaTrader 5® installed on your computer;

  • The computer working hours should match with the trading hours. The MT5® platform must be launched;

  • The installed tool must be configured on the MT5® chart.

If you are interested in a custom indicator, you can order it here. A ready-made form will help you not to forget important aspects of your software requirements specification.

You are free in your final choice! Let it be the right one! Everyone profits!

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