MT5® RSI Simple Alerts Custom Indicator

RSI Simple Alerts indicator

Get Relative Strength Index (RSI) Alerts From MetaTrader® 5 via Screen Popup, Email, Audio Alert and Mobile App Push Notification

Works on MetaTrader® 5.

$ 29

The idea behind the indicator

Never miss another Relative Strength Index (RSI) overbought or oversold signal again.

This custom indicator for MetaTrader® 5 will send an alert whenever RSI becomes overbought or oversold.

It will send the alerts to your PC screen, MT5® mobile app, email and/or mobile phone text message (depending on carrier).

Use one or more alert options at the same time.

RSI Simple Alerts on the chart

RSI Simple Alerts on the chart.

What does it include

These are the settings on the Inputs tab in the indicator, and what they do.

RSI Simple Alerts Inputs

Settings on the Inputs tab in the RSI Alerts indicator

Indicator parameters meanings

Technical Requirements

Here's what you need to run this indicator:

Frequently Asked Questions

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