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Forex Speed Up


The main goal of the Forex Speed Up program is to help traders accelerate the process of opening orders. Why does it matter? Because every fraction of a second on the market can cost you money. Nobody wants to lose money, especially when it happens through no fault of their own. So why enter trades more slowly if you can do it instantly? With the help of this simplest tool.

What you can do with Forex Speed Up

Open orders of any type with one click

Predefine SL/TP levels for systems that use fixed values

Open group of orders with predefined settings for each order

Set Stop Loss and Take Profit in pips and by price

Close one order/all orders in a second

Synchronize SL/TP/entry price lines on different timeframes

Close orders by type (profitable/loss, market/pending)

Make use of the risk management calculator

Color your list of orders

Move the program window to Excel or trading platforms

Who is it good for?

As a trading assistant, Forex Speed Up will be good for any traders who want to reduce the number of routine actions performed while trading the market. In a compact program window, you can easily manage the orders you are working with in a trading platform. Open and close trades immediately, define necessary settings beforehand – with Forex Speed Up, you can be one step ahead as its configuration is intuitive and fast.

Make the most of the program

Forex Speed Up is compatible with any version of Forex Tester (a popular Forex trading simulator) and MetaTrader 4® (the most widely used trading platform). If you use something of this, consider downloading the demo version of Forex Speed Up and see how its advantages can be applied in the live trading and backtesting.

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