How to build confidence in your trading system? How to find the perfect strategy? How to select the best parameters?
Use 4xDev backtesting and optimization services to profit and make your trading successful!

Backtesting is testing a trading strategy on historical data modeling trading mechanisms of the past. This procedure allows you to analyze the strategy's retrospective viability and behavior.


Optimization is a process of functionality improvement. To get more accurate backtesting results and make the strategy more profitable, you should fine-tune settings.

Price for Backtesting
from 800 USD
Price for Optimization:
The cost of the service is calculated separately in each case.
It depends on what should be changed in the tool.
Backtesting and Optimization
Do you wish to backtest and optimize your trading strategy?
To perform this, use our programming services right now!



In Conclusion. What Should I Do?

Don't underestimate backtesting! Put your trading strategy to the test and find out its weaknesses and strengths.

You should do it before going live and start risking any live money. Trading without it will bring significant losses.

Don't be afraid to contact us. Our managers are customer-friendly. They will pay special attention to your tasks, wishes, and problems.

The 4xDev coders will program your EAs using a reliable custom strategy. We will thoroughly backtest and optimize it. Just hire us to feel the power of trading!

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