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Indicator programming in MQL4®

A lot of traders need a piece of information to understand the right trends of the currency directions and states, the price changes, etc. How to link all these things in one holistic picture? Why don’t you ask for help? Our high-quality developers know the tool coding in MQL4® like the back of their hands. Do you want to know how to open the appropriate order and not to trade blindly on the market? Maybe you need some exclusive tools that will combine all the information you have on the display? Acquire your custom indicator developed in MQL4® that will find the most suitable patterns specifically for your trading style.

Custom EAs created in MQL4®

Automatic software that is user-friendly will be the leading variant on the Forex development segment soon. Traders do not need to perform the monotonous manual work with the orders. The program can do it instead of them! It will be a perfect option for family men or someone who wants to take a little vacation and have a good rest. Just use the acquired information and adjust the parameters – you can see how EA will work in the market changing context. The developer’s services include EA coding in MQL4®. There is no need for you to manage the opening and closing of every trade manually. A robot coded in MQL4® can perform it for you.

Improve indicators and EAs

How to relieve stress with the software that does not work with the upgraded platforms and new updates in an appropriate way? Certainly, we must improve it, too. How to upgrade it and not damage all the working processes of the previous tool? The 4xDev coding team specializing in MQL4® knows the correct solution based on your ideas and wishes affecting the next version of your product. Do not struggle with it! Just fix it! Feel like your script can do better? Of course, it can! Appeal for the indicator developed in MQL4® and expert advisor development to make it better.

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