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Payment and Terms of the Forex Tools Development


We work on the preliminary payment basis. A 50% payment is required to be made before the tool development begins. After you pay for the order, we have 3-5 business days to develop the tool you need.

When purchasing our tool, you also get ongoing support that covers the correction of any errors and bugs for free. Therefore, we will continue working on your tool until all original requirements in your specification are fulfilled. We promise to fix such errors within 3-5 additional business days after the request if it refers to errors on our part, and not to inaccuracies in your technical specification.

In case of any difficulties that make it impossible to create the desired tool according to all your requirements within a reasonable time limit (60 days), we will issue a partial or full refund.

There shall be no refund given under the following conditions:

The client has already requested and received the source code of the particular tool/software.​

If the tool works according to the specification that we have previously approved with the customer.

The client has paid for further modifications of the same tool/software.

The work related to the particular tool/software was delivered more than 6 months ago.

We recommend that our customers perform a thorough test of the created tool/software before using it in the live trading. The 4xdev company assumes no liability for any risks or losses caused by any reason when using our tools.

We always stand for the privacy of our customers' information, so if the client requires it, we agree to work under NDA (Non-disclosure agreement). No information about the client’s tool/software will be disclosed or distributed in any way.

The 4xdev company agrees that the created tool/software shall be the sole and exclusive property of the client and that all Intellectual Property Rights shall belong exclusively to the client.

Therefore, the indicators, Expert Advisors or other tools/software we develop for you will not appear on open access and will not be transmitted to third parties.

Please note: it refers to errors on our part, and not to inaccuracies in your technical specification.

Payment methods

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