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Currency Strength Indicator for MT4®

RSI Trading System

The indicator compares Forex major assets strengths in real time. The algorithm calculates the currency tool strength using the price fluctuation value. It provides an easy market analysis and allows creating a successful trading strategy applying the strongest currency pair.

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Works on MetaTrader 4®

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The idea behind the indicator

The indicator uses all currencies for calculation. It displays them on the chart by default. You can customize the currency list by organizing the currency display on the indicator panel. The indicator supports the following currencies: AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, USD, JPY, GBR, NZD. When the indicator is launched, all currency pairs applying for calculations are added to the terminal automatically.

There are two operating modes:

The currency strength is represented in the numerical equivalent in the Total Strength mode. The higher the currency value is, the more relevant it is to trade. The maximum strength value is nine, and the minimum one is zero.

You can track down the relationship of one strength to another in the Cross Strength mode. The left column represents the major currency, and the top row displays the currency for comparison. When you click on the table data, a currency pair chart opens in a new pop-up window (the value is highlighted in a golden hue). In this mode:

Moreover, you can enable the trend line display of the selected currency. It is crucial to provide an accurate profile analysis of the given trading tool. These calculations are based on the chart timeframe with the added indicator.

Indicator basic mode calculations and trend line indicators may differ. Everything is calculated based on symbol data that the indicator obtains in real time in the basic mode. Trend lines are calculated based on the current chart timeframe or Moving Average indicator calculations.

The trend mode is the additional filter to analyze the currency tool relevance.

The input parameters meanings

The following eight paragraphs are responsible for the currency line color.



Total Strength Mode

Total Strength Mode

Cross Strength mode

Cross Strength mode

Show Trend Lines parameter is enabled

Show Trend Lines parameter is enabled

Technical Requirements

Here is what you need to run this indicator:

  • A computer capable of running MetaTrader 4® desktop version;

  • MetaTrader 4® installed on your desktop or laptop computer.

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