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Multi-Time Period Chart Indicator for MT5®

MT4 Multi-Time Period Chart Indicator

The Multi-Time period chart indicator for MT5® is an indicator that will help you manage multiple timeframes and periods to find the overall trend. You can observe the moving average state (upwards or downwards) for all timeframes in one chart.

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Works on MetaTrader 5®

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The idea behind the indicator

The indicator represents long-period candlesticks on the current chart. It draws rectangles showing information about given-period candlesticks:

Switch between high-level periods by clicking the given period button located in the top right corner. When the indicator is clicked, the rectangles will be altered to that period automatically.

Moreover, the indicator has a function of displaying the high-period-candlestick tick volume. You should click the right rectangle on the chart. After repeated clicks on it, the data is hidden. The tick volume is displayed in the left top corner by default.

If you add an indicator to the chart, it will draw high-period candlesticks rectangles automatically. If you select the maximum period (Monthly), the indicator will not function.

Input parameters

Input parameters

Indicator parameters meanings

An example of H1 indicator on the chart

An example of H1 indicator on the chart

The H1 chart indicator represents the H4 chart candlesticks applying rectangles. The tick volume appeared in the left top corner of the chart after the last rectangle (the H4 chart) candlestick had been clicked. The period name displayed by the indicator has been written on the right top corner button.

An example of period switching

An example of period switching

The indicator is working with low-level timeframes only. If you select the maximum period, the indicator will not function.

An indicator located on the maximum period

An indicator located on the maximum period

Technical Requirements

Here is what you need to run this indicator:

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